3D Laser Cutting Technology


Product Excellence, Achieved with Exceptional Detailing

Our Company are specialized manufacturer in the metallic decorating industry, featuring 3D laser-cutting metal crafting technology. Included in our product line are classic screen, ceiling pieces, floor/wall tiles, hanging ornaments and carving mural plaque, in various metallic material, like aluminum, copper, bronze and stainless steel.

From designing to material selection, production through stringent inspections, products are customized according to the requirement of each individual customer. Each process requires more than 20 stages, including fine grinding and trimming to completion. In search for quality perfection, every process is thoroughly inspected and improved to better quality with every finished product.

Every product of the company reflects the craftsmanship of each worker to strive for product perfection. In order to ensure excellent product and service quality to continuously meet the requirements of our customers, we strive towards the “Zero Defect Quality” with strict production protocols.

To exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, service and cost through providing continuous improvement and customer interaction. Reference to customers’ initial ideas, we work with customer with advices and solutions to build on their designs to accomplish a uniquely designed finished.

Decorative items are commonly placed in a prominent position in the room to create cozy serenity, beautify or luxurious setting. Each product, like the ceiling pieces, floor tiles, ornaments, carving mural plaque and classical furniture, is designed to blend into the existing furnishing or complement each other based on the theme of the interior decoration, which becomes an important part of the home presenting an inspirational piece of creation.

European style interior design includes various designs from the European communities, including French, Italian, Spanish, English, Mediterranean, Nordic and many more, which are very popular worldwide with designers wanting to create ambience liking to such styles. Each type of design style, with the ongoing trend, includes constant, unified content and strong uniqueness, represents what European style means to European culture and tradition. Designers are also responsible for creating the demand for such styling as when customers are requesting.

Back in the East, the Chinese are the only culture in the world to have a continuous recorded history of more than 5,000 years, its tradition and culture inspire many interior designers, art piece producers to continue reproducing designs relating to the era of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The modern Chinese style has the cultural significance of Chinese traditional style in the modern time globally consisting of contemporary designs relating to the actual historical Chinese culture. The core value of the Chinese style has somehow been considered to be the impact of today’s trend in the architectural modernization.

The modern Chinese style of building or interior decoration continues to be influenced by the cultural and traditional value of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, refining both the classic elements and simplicity. The furnishing design which is more extravagant and elegant, simultaneously breaks the cultural beliefs of hierarchy and honor of the traditional Chinese spatial layout, also bringing in colors that are more comfortable and natural.

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