Sound Barrier Polycarbonate Sheet


Soundproof solid sheet focuses on sound barriers for roads, overhead roads, highways, railways and rail transportation and residential quarters engineering application,  which has a more prominent sound insulation effect than common insulation materials, the characteristics of ageing resistance, and the ability of impact resistant.

Special sheet have effective security performance, can effectively prevent the traffic accident caused by falling soundproof materials because of hitted by car or other factors.And which can be bent naturally At normal temperature, to highlight the perfect effect in sound insulation design application.

Color: Can Be Customized

Optional Functions: Anti-glare VO Flame Retardancy Anti-Infrared Anti-static High-hardening Light Diffusion

Advantages: Strong and unbreakable, easy to install,  excellent soundproof performance

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  • Transportation Industry
  • Residential Community Project
  • Rail Traffic Soundproof
  • Highway Soundproof
  • Bridge barrier facilities