Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

Colored solid sheets

POLYSHINE LED Diffusion Sheet uses imported and worldwide advanced nanotechnology diffusion material with higher index of refraction and together with the new generation of formula to change the optical property of pc sheet,which makes the light more soft and uniform distributed. POLYSHINE new formula LED Diffusion Sheet also improves the anti-flammability of pc sheet into V-0 level(UL-94),which lets LED lighting products much more secure and relieved being used.

Color: Can Be Customized

Optional Functions: Anti-glare VO Flame Retardancy Anti-Infrared Anti-static High-hardening Light Diffusion

Advantages: High light transmission, light diffusion effect, high impact resistance property, excellent weather resistance property and sound fireproof character.

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  • Construction Industry
  • Security Protection
  • Guiding Signs
  • Advertising & Lighting