Bullet Resistant PC Solid Sheet

Bullet proof solid sheets

Polyshine Bulletproof PC sheet, which is also called unbreakable glass, the specific gravity is only half of universal glass, with high impact resistance and high light transparency. Polyshine Bulletproof PC sheet is easy to delivery and installation to save both of time and labor, which is widely used in commercial building, indoor decoration, municipal projects, etc.

Color: Can Be Customized.

Optional Functions: Anti-glare VO Flame Retardancy Anti-Infrared Anti-static High-hardening Light Diffusion.

Advantages: Super high impact resistance, high light transmission, sound fireproof and anti-aging characters,  excellent soundproof performance.

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  • Construction Industry
  • Security Protection
  • Decoration
  • Factory Roof
  • Skylight Lighting
  • curtain Wall
  • Sightseeing Elevator
  •  Doors&Windows,
  • Anti-explosion Doors & Windows
  • Shop Windows