Thermoclick Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Thermoclick sheets

POLYSHINE Thermoclick system, Researched and developed by Polyshine Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Which is an advanced building systems. This systems is easy to design, and it can offer high light transmission, excellent performance of heat isolation, water-proof features and high load strength. POLYSHINE Thermoclick system is and ideal system for the Applied in the wall cladding widely.

Thermoclick systems consist of the multiwall polycarbonate sheet and the Aluminum T-fastener. Firstly fasten the aluminum T-fastener into the steel of the structures. And connect the two sheet into the T-fastener. It is very convenient for the assembly.
  • Light weight
  • High impact strength
  • High light transmission
  • Good weather resistance
  • High heat insulation
  • Simply processed and installed
  • Strong Structure

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Width(mm) Gauge(mm) Weight(kg/m2) (%)LT Clear Minimum bend radius(mm) (DB)
500  40  6.0  58 16000 33
  • Swimming pool, Gymnasium etc
  • Railway station, Bus station and Airport waiting-room
  • Agricultural greenhouse, Culture shed and Ecological restaurant
  • Office, Creative studio, household partition
  • All kinds of wall cladding