Anti-Drop Hollow Sheet


Greenhouse dedicated hollow sheet is launched for greenhouse agricultural lighting by Polyshine technology. Pioneered by leading international Nano-coating technology in the industry which make the hollow sheet antifogging coating with super adhesion and oxidation resistance, solved the traditional hollow sheet antifogging coating drop off and oxidize issues which provide a better condition for agriculture greenhouse production!

Polyshine antifogging coating used the leading international Nano-coating technology,super adhesion and oxidation resistance, not falling and durable.Put nanoparticles into antifogging coating surface, which make theantifogging coatingwith nano-needles shape molecules closely together with polycarbonate molecules, substantial increased the hollow sheet antifogging coating structure stability,washable,adhesion smoothness and never drop off.

Color: Can Be Customized

Advantages: Indelible anti-drip coating, high light transmission, anti-ultraviolet, excellent heat preservation, bending installation.

Optional Functions: Anti-glare VO Flame Retardancy Anti-Infrared Anti-static High-hardening Light Diffusion.

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