Aluminum composite panels

What are aluminum composite panels?

You probably see them every day but you just don’t know what they are or to you, it is just a piece of coated metal to beautify a building facade. If you want to know more about aluminum composite panels, keep reading.

2 main advantageous of building construction material, it has to be both lightweight and it’s easy to use. Aluminum was introduced for use in the production of aluminum composite panels and this quickly bring about the change in buildings’ facade, design and the look of cities’ skyline into the new dimension. What exactly are aluminum composite panels and where are they installed?


The building external cladding

Aluminum composite panels are consisting of a thermoplastic core made from polyethylene pressured bonded in between 2 pieces of aluminum sheets. The finished properties of the composite material contributed to its being widely used as building external cladding material. Cladding is a construction process to cover a building facade material with another material to protect the building against weather, to beautify and modernized the look of buildings. With its composite versatile characteristics, these panels can also be found in interior decoration and design, as partitions, decorative panels etc.

Aluminum composite panels are low priced, lighter as compared with other cladding material and they can easily be cut and shaped. Apart from that aluminum panels can also be finished into any color and they can made with timber-like finishing. The composite material, with aluminum on its outer layer are protected with aluminum’s inherited durability and characteristics.

Characteristics of Aluminum Composite Panels are:

  • Weather and shock resistant
  • Vibration absorption
  • Strong and rigid
  • Easy installation
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Flat


Supply options

Colours : Most finishings are available, including customized colours, and timber-like finish.

Sizes : Standard size – 1220 x 2440mm, customized sizes and shapes available upon request

(Note: Customized shapes will be shipped directly from factory)


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